Thursday, August 19, 2010

Webinars: Scripts

A good way to ensure that you consistently deliver a quality webinar sans verbal pauses (uh..., ummmm..., etc.) is to use a script. You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression and a well developed webinar script is the tool to help you accomplish that goal.

Your script should help you accomplish the three main parts to any webinar: the webinar introduction, the webinar body, and the webinar conclusion. As I am the webinar organizer (think emcee), I seldom am concerned with the webinar content itself. My focus is on starting the webinar off well and professionally and bringing the webinar to a successful and positive conclusion.

When starting your webinar you should make time in your introduction to accomplish several key steps:

- ensure your webinar attendees are ready to participate
- introduce the webinar topic
- introduce the webinar presenter
- provide a smooth transition from organizer to presenter

Here's the sample webinar script for starting a webinar:

Welcome to _________________________________________________________ .

I’m ________________________________ , your moderator and webinar organizer.

Before we start, let’s take a moment to ensure that everyone is ready and familiar with the webinar control panel.

First, you should have a control panel on the right side of your screen.

You may minimize this panel by clicking on the double arrow button in the upper left corner.

You may expand the panel bly clicking the same button. Take a moment to practice.

Second, you have the ability to submit questions using the chat pane located near the bottom of the control panel.

Let’s get started…

Today’s panelist is ________________________________ .

(read panelist biography, if any)

Take it away, __________________________…

(panelist presentation)

When concluding your webinar you should make time in your conclusion to accomplish several key steps:

- thank the speaker
- evaluate the webinar
- invite to continue the relationship
- close the webinar

Here's a sample webinar script for concluding a webinar:

(panelist presentation)

Thank you, ____________________________!

We’d like to ask each of you to remain with a few moments longer and complete a short evaluation.

In a moment, three multiple choice questions will appear online on-at-a-time. You’ll have 30 seconds to select a response before the next question appears.

Let’s start by asking how you rate the webinar overall…

How do you rate our panelist, ________________________________________…

Finally, how do you rate the moderator, ________________________________________…

Thank you for your responses and for attending this webinar. We invite you to attend our next webinar:

Title: _____________________________________________
Webinar ID: _______________________________________
Date/Time: ________________________________________
URL: ________________________________________

Please exit this webinar by clicking on File – Exit.

Start with the above webinar scripts, but personalize them and make them your own. It may take you several webinars before you discover how and where to modify your own webinar script.


  1. Thanks for this script template! It was so useful!

  2. You're quite welcome! Since I had difficulty finding webinar scripts when I started out, it just seemed the right thing to do was to share my script.

  3. Thank you very much for this! It should help reduce some of the stress of presenting.