Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mobile Phone Apps Ideas

Just a short post on some ideas for mobile phone apps we'd like to see developed:


Would like to see and app developed to turn a phone into a multimeter for measuring and recording AC and DC voltages. This app would also need a USB adapter for plugging in test leads.


Once the multimeter app is developed, the next obvious step would be to develop a digital recording o-scope. Again, there would need to be an adapter for attaching X1 and/or X10 probes.

Signal Generator

Of course, anyone using a digital o-scope also likely has need of a signal generator.

Frequency Analyzer

What better way to detect and display radio frequency signals than to develop a frequency analyzer app. Just think, you could sweep your hotel room for "bugs".

Radio Direction Finder

Civil Air Patrol members used to buy $20 Radio Shack VHF radios and modify them for direction finding of electronic locator transmitters (ELTs). We used to hold the radio close to our body and slowly turn around to establish a direction. Imagine the efficacy of converting millions of cell phones to DF units. If you think geo-caching is a blast, just wait until you go "fox hunting".

Probably one or more of these already exist or are in beta development. Your thoughts and ideas?

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