Friday, August 20, 2010

Webinars: Presenter Checklist

Several recent visitors arrived searching for "webinar presenter checklist." As we mentioned previously, one of the best ways to ensure that you consistently deliver a quality webinar is to be organized and methodical. A checklist of actions to take before, during, and after a webinar is an excellent job aid. Here's the basic webinar checklist I follow when "organizing" a webinar.

___ Organizer log in to webinar.
___ Start webinar.
___ Start organizer PPT. Ensure welcome slide visible.
___ Click “Show My Screen button”.
___ Ensure “Start Recording” button visible.

___ Panelist(s) log in to webinar.
___ Panelists PPT loaded, on 1st slide, in show mode.
___ Verify audio levels.
___ Give panelist(s) drawing and attendee list.

___ Advance organizer PPT to title slide.
___ Start recording.
___ Instruct on webinar controls and minimizing control panel.
___ Introduce panelist(s).
___ Handover controls to panelist.

___ Mute organizer microphone.
___ Advance organizer PPT to final panelist slide.
___ Monitor chat pane for quastions.

___ Unmute organizer microphone.
___ Handover control to organizer.
___ Advance organizer PPT to seminar evaluation slide.
___ Open poll questions for 30 seconds each.
___ Advance organizer PPT to thank you slide.
___ Announce next webinar details.
___ Advance organizer PPT to exit slide.
___ Ensure all attendees exit webinar.
___ Debrief with panelist.

___ Print & save webinar reports.
___ Review and post webinar video.
___ Ensure follow up emails sent.

While you may copy and paste the above checklist to get yourself started, customize the checklist and make it your own. You may wish to add the steps for setting up a webinar in your particular webinar system. If you are the webinar organizer and presenter, you may wish to add steps that remind you to mention your website and toll free phone number or to include certain information particular to a topic.

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  1. Great checklist and helpful to get us started.