Monday, March 15, 2010

Creative Thinking: Homemade Flying Hovercraft

As someone who sometimes wanders through department stores and often envisions different and novel uses for everyday products (a fun creative thinking exercise), the following video struck a sympathetic chord. A fellow in New Zealand supersized the creative thinking practice to a full-sized off-the-shelf hovercraft and thought: "What if I put wings on this?" Watch his amazing video:

He plans to sell his new invention for about $13,000.

So, continuing along this line of creative thinking, what other existing off-the-shelf produts could be sold at higher cost by the addition of a value-added enhancement?

For example, why do not all cell phones and notebook computers not contain a global positioning system (GPS) receiver? Seems a no brainer to me, as it did to the designers of the LG Incite phone.

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