Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Need to Know - Small Business Technology: January 10, 2012

iPhone app uses QR codes to track employee hours - So any employees are going to hate the folks that invented this system. I see spin offs for tracking K12 students and college attendance. Perhaps event event or exposition admittance.

Blum's Picks From CES: 3 Good Gadgets - Minority Report touchscreens, a radical looking smart office phone, and a waterproof smart phone. The smart phone will sell like hotcakes, geeks will also pick up a Minority Report-like touchscreen. I doubt I ever see the smart office phone in use.

CES 2012: Sculpteo Introduces iOS App, 3D Cloud Print Engine - What if you could take a picture of a part and send it to a nearby 3D printer?  This could be a game changer and hasten the demise of small plastic manufacturing. Click through for some coll images and a mind bending article.

SURVEY: 49% of LinkedIn Users Have Household Income Over $100K - That's just one of the statistics found in this article. Click through for many other Linked In stats.

Why FourSquare Will Never Be Admissible in Court - Basically, since one doesn't physicaly have to be inside a location to check in and can game the system, then FourSquare is neither alibi nor proof.

Frequency Makes Any Website a Video Channel - Interesting web app to stream the other 51% of video not found on YouTube.

Tablet Learning – Neither Mobile Learning Nor eLearning - Very short article differentiating between eLearning, mobile learning and tablet learning. I don't see any difference between tablet and phone devices except screen size. If you have good instructional design and build from mobile device to web device, there so be no gotcha's.

The ROI of online training: How organisations are moving online - Ad on a UK website with link to Goto Training whitepaper offer.

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