Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Need to Know - Small Business Technology: January 31, 2012

Your Computing Devices Come and Go, Your Data is Forever: Ten Tips for Using the Cloud - If you don't back up your data, then here's a good primer on how to use the Cloud. I'd start with Dropbox.

5 Ways to Brand Your New YouTube Profile - YouTube has introduced new channel profiles. We put off trying to figure out how to exploit the new template for SEO. Good thing. SocialMediaExaminer did the work for us and put a great tutorial together. Step #2 looks like it will bring a return on my time investment.

15 essential tasks to complete after installing WordPress - These are pretty much the same things I have long done when setting up WordPress and almost in the same order.

Top 10 Content Slider Plugins for Wordpress  - Since we're discussing WordPress, here's some of the best sliders to add to the top of your template.

5 tips to develop an effective tablet strategy - Thought this was bout buying tablets for a small business, but its about a strategy for web development to ensure your web site is tablet friendly. Personally, we like the Sewanee mobile first model best.

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