Thursday, February 9, 2012

Need to Know - Small Business Technology: February 9, 2012

How To Build a Rockin’ LinkedIn Presence - Short 5-step tutorial from a Chief Branding Officer on how to set up a company page on LinkedIn. You do have a rockin' personal LinkedIn account already, don't you?

2012 Mobile Trends And What They Mean For Product Strategists - This is the kind of article I look for to keep myself employed and my employer "in business." Short, easy-to-read list of the key trends you and I should keep abreast of and implement.

iPad’s Momentum in Restaurants Grows with Buffalo Wild Wings Trial - This is what I'm talking about today. Customers use iPads to order and pass the time in a major chain restaurant. The snow ball is gaining speed and snow.

Staples leads the way with new tablet-optimized experience -  Major retailer is among first to offer tCommerce (tablet commerce). Plan to show this site in my tablet classes today.

Is this the tipping point for mobile commerce? - Seems the logical follow on after the above mobile articles. Good summary of stats. Yeah, mobile commerce is at the tipping point and going over. BTW, I've registered for a free 1-hour webinar on mobile commerce during the past holiday season. You might also.

The Rise Of Content Marketing [Infographic] - Content marketing is the production of content like videos, music and other content which is used to brand a product or build market share. The infographic gives a good summary of the state of this industry.

what is mLearning - Short animated video explaining mLearning in simple terms. This video actually stimulated some ideas on how to add audio to my mLearning project.

ADL Mobile Learning Newsletter - Weekly list of mLearning articles. Haven't had an opportunity to explore the links yet. If you find gold, please comment.

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