Friday, January 6, 2012

Need to Know - Small Business Technology: January 6, 2012

25 Eye-Popping Internet Marketing Statistics for 2012 - All 25 are short sound bites you can use a meetings or re-tweet yourself. Half have to do with mobile in 2012.

12 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2012 - Summary of 12 fast breaking business trends you should be aware of. Take note of #5 Cash Less and #12 Point and Know. Also, you should be following @Trendwatching on Twitter if you don't already.

How To Install Facebooks Timeline - Blog post with embedded 8:23 minute video showing step-by-step how to switch the new Facebook time line into your Facebook account. Great for folks that prefer visual and audio instructions. The host is quite personable also!

4 Pillars Of LinkedIn Marketing For Businesses - The author not only gives you the four pillars but also provides 5-7 good solid instructions on how to build said pillars.

Launching a Mobile Marketing Campaign: Easier Than You Think - Short overview of the 4 key pieces of a mobile marketing campaign. Developing an app (#4) is currently optional for most small businesses, unless you have a killer app that does something value added (restaurant menu, medical appointment maker, etc.)

5 lessons to apply when launching a mobile site or campaign - Quick overview of 5 reasons why mobile  marketing is tough which basically all boil down to: No Buck Rogers, No bucks.

An Excellent eBook Full of Mobile Learning Activities - Blog post with a downloadable ebook described as "...great free ebook that anyone interested in using mobile devices as instructional tools should read..." The book is well written with more photos than text. While the book depicts and describes K12 activities, much of this is applicable to adult learners. I'm halfway tempted to develop a similar guide featuring adults in the workplace.

Is Mobile Learning Smarter Learning? Using Mobile Devices for Multisensory Learning and Assessment - Geeky article and 1:23 minute video for instructional designers.

Free Sites for Making Money Online - This is old news for me, but one of you might could use the info in this economy.

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